Baco Luxury: The Women’s wear


Baco Luxury: The Women’s wear


Baco Luxury: The Women’s wear

This month, with ready-to-wear shows around the world continuing to unfold, we reflect
on sustainability – both in term of materials and in terms of labor.
A lot of vanguard brands are hush hush about the recycled or upcycled fabrics they use
because they are afraid using such verbiage will alienate some of their hard core luxury
shoppers. Did you know that Gucci has made coats of unused scraps of fabric? Did you
know that MaxMara’s Weekend Collection was crafted with recycled plastic threads? Did
you know that G-Star made an entire denim capsule made of plastic bottles floating in the
Pacific Ocean?

Carlo Capasa, the president of Milan’s Camera della Moda Italia recently gave a speech
at textile fair Milano Unica about how the future of fashion depends on more designers
jumping on the sustainability bandwagon, steered by forward-thinkers like Stella McCartney.
This week we focus on budding designer named Bav Tailor, who will show her ecoconscious
collection in Paris on Saturday. Her minimalist, “tailored architecture” is made
of all sustainable materials and at a glance, is luxurious as anything I saw on the runway
this past week.
We also caught up with the industry’s most promising African designers at an event
hosted by Ethical Fashion Initiative and the Milanese Biffi boutique. What struck me
about this group is that many of them were artisans or tailors before they were designers.
Finally, Valentina Accardo, our fashion editor, shows us how to get a coat made bespoke
(crafted with material she bought in Kenya). Thankfully, even on a nature vacation, her
keen eye for fashion didn’t stop her from fitting some BACO scouting in.