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BAV TAILOR | sustainable luxury – a collective fusion of finest certified natural or recycled materials and pure, geometrical silhouettes and effortless volumes inspired by design, architecture and Eastern philosophies that represent true hallmarks of authentic 100% Made in Italy through a ‘360° sustainability manifesto’ which endeavours to support the ‘United Nations Sustainable Development Goals’.

Born in London, Indian by origin, a nomad in spirit, Bav Tailor, the Founder and Conscious Creative of the brand launched in 2015, upholds the tradition of her ancestors and Grandfathers, great Sartorialists, sourcing materials from suppliers, which encapsulate excellence in innovation, craftsmanship and respectful standards. Awarded with the ‘Conscious Designer’ award by the Arab Fashion Council and nominated Vogue Talent finalist of ‘Who Is On Next 2019?’, scouting project promoted by Altaroma and Vogue Italia with whom she showcased during the ‘Vogue Talents 10 Anniversary’ exhibition, each creation is an effortless tailor-made fit allowing freedom of movement, functionality, and peace of mind during one’s evolution of the conscious awareness.

BAV TAiLOR is a member of Positive Luxury, awarded with the Butterfly Mark for a company-wide commitment to sustainability, and Common Objective, both global platforms for sustainable fashion, which through the brand’s 360° sustainability manifesto stemming from the design process, certified materials, through to an ethical and transparent production, pledges to reduce the brand’s carbon footprint whilst making a social contribution.

Each piece in the collection soulfully categorises into silhouettes for all creeds and forms.
The collections of BAV TAiLOR, following the mantra ‘respect your body + your sphere’, are a hymn to the beauty of the world, exhort to
show love for space, mind and body.

A project dedicated to the Existentialist, a free-spirited Woman determined by her independently authentic choices and actions which constitute her accomplishments and inner existence.

respect your body + your sphere



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