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Story featured on Vogue italia (see original article) — Vogue video lab

Beyond a Breath is the story of a young woman set along the thin line that separates dreams from reality and portrays her experience during an acupuncture session. Each needle projects her to a dreamlike dimension, unveiling sensations, emotions and memories. The woman takes the viewer into a journey through her soul and to the discovery of the amazing pleasure of being free. Dream and reality, body and soul. But when the camera stops rolling, who can tell what is reality and what is dream?


Creative Director Martina Strata — Written and directed by Iacopo Carapelli — Produced by Martina Strata — Cinematography by Francesca Pavoni — Edited by Pietro Zara —Original music by Jacopo Di Stefano — Starring Kristina Deyak @Independent Model Management — Styling Martina Strata — 1st assistant camera Mattia Campo — Sound design Jacopo Di Stefano — Hair and makeup Erika Ducoli — Color correction Pietro Zara — Special thanks to Sara Maino, Bav Tailor, Withstand Film, Movie People e Comune di Framura

IED Milano

Fashion Communication and Styling Master
Academic Year 2016