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100% recycled skinfish

100% recycled fishskin from post-waste materials. Origin of the demersal species being a by-product of the fisheries industry utilising a raw material that would otherwise be discarded. The production process makes use of renewable hydro and geothermal energy.

bio-based techno

a bio-based material created from a totally renewable source, caster bean, with a low impact production process in terms of water and energy , 100% petroleum-free and with a limited impact on climate change. 

artisanal lab | sarah beatrice

the ‘artisanal lab’ platform endeavours to showcase the refined craftsmanship of global artisans and promote creative talent, the Prana Ākāśa creations have been handcrafted in kind collaboration with Sarah Beatrice, a talented independent textile designer who handcrafted pieces upcycling existing stock material transforming them into new creations symbolising ā k ā ś a – the connection between space and matter.