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100% forsaken fabric WASTEMARK

Waste Couture is a new system to create products. That system is using waste as a resource. Nowdays we discard products by calling them “waste” when they are not, they are really just the result of a distorted behavior: the lack of respect for the value of time. Wastemark certifies all those fashion products which are made by following the Waste Couture Protocol. The designers and producers that adopted it, want to renew every aspect of their fashion production chain: from the style office to production, from distribution to communication. Wastemark certifies a system: the closed-cycle system.

natural ‘elephant ear leaves’

Natural leaves from renewable origin are collected in sustainable areas & planted together with reforestation farms. This product is a vegan & eco-friendly material with characteristics similar to leather which allow the skin to breath. In addition to requiring little of the environment compared to traditional materials, this material also eliminates the carbon footprint of its production. Reforestation practice provides O2 to the atmosphere. In addition, organic wastes are composted and used as soil nutrients, helping to preserve the biome, wildlife and waterways. Our little step to preserving our one & only precious mother nature.

100% recycled fish skin

100% recycled fishskin from post-waste materials. Origin of the demersal species being a by-product of the fisheries industry utilising a raw material that would otherwise be discarded. The production process makes use of renewable hydro and geothermal energy.