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Bav Tailor has been awarded the Butterfly Mark, powered by Positive Luxury, in recognition of being a conscious brand committed to social and environmental sustainability.
Our aim is to inspire and motivate people to make responsible choices about lifestyle choices and the products they purchase. Everyday actions make a big difference to the world
Find out more about the Positive Luxury Butterfly Mark here
BAV TAiLOR — a sustainable luxury brand that entails to go beyond fashion through the following 360° manifesto.
  • Brand Ethos

    Member of Common Objective & Green Fashion Week; global platforms dedicated to a fair and sustainable future for fashion.

  • Materials

    Luxury italian & international fair trade materials are certified, natural fibres or recycled. No humans or animals are harmed for any creation.

  • Ethical Production

    Authentic sartorial 100% made in italy production to support local communities & minimise carbon footprint.

  • Sustainable Design

    Design is 100% digital and wastage is minimal during sampling & production.

  • Transparency & Responsabile Improvement

    Transparent supply chain whilst endeavouring to improve its manifesto of sustainability.

  • Social Contribution

    Pledge to minimise the environmental impact & through proceeds of sales, endeavours to sustain charities.

  • Inner Awareness

    A wellness project through the colours, materials & brand communication.

  • Spread The Manifesto

    A project manifesting towards a circular economy.