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BAV TAiLOR — a sustainable luxury brand that entails to go beyond fashion through the
following 360° manifesto.
  • Brand Ethos

    Member of Common Objective & Green Fashion Week; global platforms dedicated to a fair and sustainable future for fashion.

  • Materials

    Luxury italian & international fair trade materials are certified, natural fibres or recycled. No humans or animals are harmed for any creation.

  • Ethical Production

    Authentic sartorial 100% made in italy production to support local communities & minimise carbon footprint.

  • Sustainable Design

    Design is 100% digital and wastage is minimal during sampling & production.

  • Transparency & Responsabile Improvement

    Transparent supply chain whilst endeavouring to improve its manifesto of sustainability.

  • Social Contribution

    Pledge to minimise the environmental impact & through proceeds of sales, endeavours to sustain charities.

  • Inner Awareness

    A wellness project through the colours, materials & brand communication.

  • Spread The Manifesto

    A project manifesting towards a circular economy.